This book would not have been possible without the participation of Gavin Ashworth, our photographer. He is a man with an amazing combination of talents: a great eye for the best and truest shots, endless energy and enthusiasm, and concern and care for all the objects he handles

Jane Katcher
Collector and Author

Good photography is a critical element in the success of any Museum collections catalog-no matter how extensive the research and how innovative the interpretation. Gavin Ashworth brought his extensive experience and technical wizardry to bear on photographing whitework, whole cloth quilting and crewel-embroidered bed furnishings. I am grateful for Gavin’s efforts above and beyond the call of duty in bringing this project to fruition.

Susan P. Schoelwer
The Connecticut Historical Society

Curator, George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate, Museum, and Gardens

The stunning images are the work of photographer Gavin Ashworth, who shot around the clock to meet a tight deadline.

Derin T Bray Consultant and Author of Bucket Town, Woodware and Wooden Toys of Hingham Massachusettes, 1635-1945

I just want to let you know how impressed we all were by the images that we have received. Beautiful lighting-lots of texture with no frame shadows or specular highlights, I wish I could have seen your set up. Well done!

John McIver Photographer/Systems Administrator Aukland Art Gallery. New Zealand

Gavin Ashworth is a brilliant photographer with a business in New York. He has taken literally thousands of photographs of collections, always attentive to the smallest detail. That he has set himself the highest standards shows only too well in the finished work.

Jonathan Horne Preeminent dealer and author in English earthenware and stoneware

A separate recognition is made for Gavin Ashworth, master photographer, whose color images honor this publication with their inclusion. Working in the field with Gavin made me realize how a master with the lens made furniture come alive. At times, most of the days were spent in private homes, and it was through truly Herculean efforts that Gavin remained calm with us acting as his assistants. We would like to say that Gavin is great to work with in the field and at night celebrating the day’s efforts. Thanks Gavin, I’m sorry the project is over.

Bradford L. Rauschenberg Co Author “ The Furniture of Charleston 1680-1820

While not an official staff member, Gavin Ashworth was adopted by all of us. Not only is he a skilled photographer, but he also has the most charming manner this side of the Atlantic and could convince any reluctant owner to let us completely dismember their house in quest of the perfect shot or alternatively to allow us to cart it off to be photographed at an off site location.

Anne McPherson
Charleston SC.

Thank you and kudos to Gavin Ashworth of Gavin Ashworth photography who expertly photographed the many objects pictured in the catalog.

Russell Panczenko, Director of the Chazen Museum of Art, Madison Wisconsin. The Human Condition, the Stephen and Pamela Hootkin Collection

This is a book wherein I am but a partner with my photographer, Gavin Ashworth, who, for the first time to my knowledge, has given the commonplace of ceramic history the artistic treatment usually reserved for the grand and costly. Although he would be the last to claim it so, this is as much his book as it is mine.

Ivor Noel Hume Archaeologist and social historian (reference made to the book “If these pots could talk”)

Gavin Ashworth known throughout the country for his quality work.The collaboration and friendship among us that began then continued through the development and production of this book and hopefully will never end.

Leslie Anne Miller: Collector, Start with a House Finish with a Collection

The excellent images in this book are the result of a special campaign of new photography supervised by Deborah Wyeth Head of digital collections and services, our thanks go to Gavin Ashworth for his skill.

Edward Bleiberg Curator of Egyptian Art, Brooklyn Museum

Gavin Ashworth’s expert and brilliantly produced special photographs have made the design of this work a joy, and his “There’s no ‘I’ in team” attitude made him a delightful colleague

Wendy A. Cooper
Senior Curator of Furniture at Winterthur

The photographs that Gavin Ashworth captures not only result in an outstanding product in print, they also save time and budget throughout a book’s production because of the exacting standards and color management that he demands in his images and his understanding of the prepress and printing processes. Working with Gavin has taught me this value in excellence.

Gary J. Albert
Director of Publications, old salem/MESDA

Gavin Ashworth has had a long and creative association with the American Folk Art Museum for over twenty years. His extraordinary professionalism, knowledge and attention to detail have added photography of great beauty and integrity to countless catalogs, books and documentary photographs. He has been our primary photographer, loyal colleague and partner without comparison and will continue to be for many years to come. It will be an honor to continue the tradition of including Gavin Ashworth’s photography to the Museums archives and publications.

Janey Fire
Director of Photographic Services
American Folk Art Museum, New York.

I am an amateur photographer who wanted to be involved. Gavin welcomed my input, crowned it with his own aesthetic and professional skills and in the end masterfully achieved my goals.

S. Robert Teitleman
Art Collector and Author